The Bay Shore

bs01 Tappan Road Serenade, Oil on Canvas, Private Collection

I uploaded yet another new (old) gallery. The Bay Shore features older work that now resides in personal collections throughout mostly the east coast.

I am an expatriate of New Jersey. Burdensome property taxes, unresponsive bureaucracy, limits on personal freedom and vicious attacks on the constitution by elected officials made it a no-brainer when I decided to relocate.

However, despite a truly hostile political environment and an over-abundance of inept, self-serving or totally corrupt elected officials, the area of the state I lived in does have a lot to offer.

I lived in a county that residents of northern New Jersey didn’t even know existed. They all thought that the state ended at the Pine Barrens, only reluctantly acknowledging the existence of Cape May and Wildwood – as if the land between these resorts and the northern counties were a miasma to be avoided at all costs.

Nestled next to the Delaware Bay, we were more closely affiliated with Philadelphia than NYC. Phillies and Eagles fans, yes, Mets and Giants – hell no!

The area was an industrial center for the glass industry for a century. Nobody was prepared for plastics to win, and virtually all employment in the industry ceased beginning in the 1970’s.

However, the area is centrally located, an hour from Cape May, less from Atlantic City, 45 minutes to Philly, three hours to Washington DC and a maniac can make it to NYC in two hours.

Much of the land is historically and environmentally preserved, including the estuaries to the Delaware Bay. Home of New Jersey’s tall ship, the A.J. Meerwald, a two masted oyster schooner, and a central hub of the oyster industry dating back to the civil war, the area is rife with culture and history.

I attempted to cover the variety of attraction in this gallery, including homage to the New Jersey Motorsports Park, a state of the art Grand Prix style raceway and one of the newest residents of Cumberland County.

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