The Dog Run

the dog run

The Dog Run
oil on canvas

The Dog Run is a pseudo-dive bar in Apache Junction. In the summer months, it is a locals bar with several pool tables, dart boards, karaoke and a decent kitchen that closes early. During snowbird season, their fried cod all-you-can-eat specials crowd out the locals.

The menu is pretty good for a dive, with excellent sandwiches. It is a great locals bar, and the karaoke is actually not too unpleasant.

In other news, I have been having severe problems with my personal email for months now. Six months ago my web hosting company spent days analyzing my email. and said it was not on their end. They tried everything.

It didn’t matter what computer or device I was using, my email consistently timed out. It was a crap shoot, sometimes working for days or sometimes only for a few minutes.  I tried various email clients, same results. I thought it was my DSL modem/router.  Well, I replaced that the other day, and the problem continues.

So I have a work-around, which proves it is not on my website provider’s end.  I set up webmail to the account – going directly to my website account back-end. The web-mail client, Horde, is not graceful or eloquent. The interface sucks, but it works. I get emails, and can respond, and be sure that my emails actually send.

Job Search
It wasn’t an easy decision, but I quit my job. Maybe prematurely, it is never a good idea to leave your job before having another lined up. But when a workplace situation becomes somewhat hostile, and when your job is causing health issues (lack of sleep because I was working night shift and have never been able to sleep during the day) you have to do what is right for yourself.

I had an excellent phone interview for a job that fits me very well. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


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