The Wall

bottle wallNow that the weather is cooling down, and some sort of a steady income dribbling in, work on my pet projects has re-commenced.

The bottle wall has doubled in size since my last post – thanks to three bags of mortar and time off from work.

The finished wall should be twice as long as it is currently, and a lot higher. It will mimic the silhouette of the Superstition Mountains, with areas level enough to use for seating under the Palo Verde tree.

Tonight, Liz and I are going to the Mesa Performing Arts Center to see Jon  Batiste and some great New Orleans style jazz. We have seats in the Orchestra Pit, I think seventh row. It promises to be a really good show!

Tomorrow we are going into the desert to build a campfire, shoot guns and have a good time. The fire restrictions have been lifted and the Snowbirds have not yet arrived, so we will have a good time.

Good news on the work front, I am getting more hours. Eleven scheduled hours a week just does not cut it, and even though I have been managing to get called in for an additional 5 hours a week – and that is still better than nothing – I need to have a little more money coming in.

Last night, Jeff Danford and I met with the city attorney.  We are exploring options to create a monthly art event in AJ. We have a local gallery owner that is willing to sponsor the event with his land and space. And SACA (Superstition Arts and Cultural Alliance), a 501 (c) (3), will sponsor the event by appropriating the necessary permits.

The permit process takes 45 days, so I do not foresee our first event until January of 2014. That still gives us five months to break in our dancing shoes, and in the fall of 2014 we should be able to set our sights on expansion and broader horizons.

I will have another new post, probably tomorrow, about the concert tonight. Until then, adieu.

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