This is what happens when Germans create children’s myths…

KrampusKrampus is a pagan mythological figure of Germanic origin. A black, hairy figure with an obscene tongue, curved horns and cloven hoofs, he was later usurped by the Church as a depiction of the devil.

Krampus would wander the streets terrorizing children, whipping them with birch branches, and in later manifestations of the myth he would chain them and drag them into hell.

I guess you could call him the Bad Santa. He is a truly sick depiction – the bundle of birch branches can only be called phallic, and come on, what’s up that tongue?Christmas was uneventful.  That is a good thing. For Christmas Eve Liz and I had a dinner of Three Fishes – lobster, mussels, and shrimp. Of course, being in the desert we did not get any of this fresh – it all came from the freezer section of the local supermarket. But it was good, all the same.

Rattlesnake MugWe kept our gift exchange simple and inexpensive – when you do not have a lot of money to spend, you put a little more effort into buying gifts with meaning. Liz bought me a bottle of Jameson’s – I bought her a bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag Wild Cherry Bourbon, she likes it in Manhattans.

She bought me the Krampus ornament, and I bought her a Duck Commander Jase ornament – she loves Jase. She bought me a rattlesnake coffee mug, I bought her a “No Sniveling” license plate for her car. All gifts that have meaning – oh, and she bought me a DVD of Casablanca, my all time favorite movie.  You gotta love bogie! I never tire of that movie.

New Year’s Eve will be another low budget event – Jake’s O’ Mine has $9 pitchers of draft beer, and it is within crawling distance of our house.

I have been taking advantage of the sales where I work, and using all my spare change to buy clock innards – building an inventory of sawblade clocks and working on some new Desert Detritus clocks. I haven’t been near the easel for a while – hopefully after the New Year I will be inspired to paint.

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