Desert Detritus ClockI hate to revisit old works without having anything new in the works – no pun.

Today the Superstition Museum hosted their annual Prickly Pear event. They had a Prickly Pear breakfast, and you could purchase almost any type of food stuff made from the fruit of the Prickly Pear cactus – jelly, syrup, candy. The pads of the cactus are edible – great with eggs.  I especially enjoy them pickled.

The event featured many local artists, and not all of them were Sunday painters with desert themes. I have nothing against paintings of the desert, and have done quite a few myself; I like to see variety. At the event, Liz introduced me to artists from the San Tan Valley – a group taht seems quite a bit less clicquish than the Artists of the Superstitions, who came off as a bit of a closed society to me.

The San Tan artists seemed more experimental, with quite a bit of mixed-media. The abstract art of course incorporated southwest colors, and there was a cowboy theme throughout, but the paintings were not the generic Southwest art that seems to permeate Scottsdale and the area; modern techniques and materials dominated.

I was particularly impressed by a local encaustic artist with many paintings that were the result of mistakes – happy mistakes. Mistakes that became part of the process. I was re-invigorated with a desire to step foot again the studio.

When they heard about my Desert Detritus clocks, they immediately invited me to join. When I was informed, “We like to drink. A lot.”, well, they had me hooked.

Od course when I stepped foot in the studio, I was hit with in the face with the total mess it has become – on my side. Now more than ever I need to concentrate on building a shed to store tools and junk that have no place taking up precious space in the studio.

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