tireSometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug…

I have been the bug for too long now.  Every time I see some blue sky looming up ahead – smack! – into that curved sheet of tempered glass.

I have been driving on borrowed time for years – replacing shitty beat up tires with shitty beat up tires with a little more tread and a little less dry rot.

My federal income tax refund this year bought me four brand new tires for the truck. Hell, with that money I was a spendthrift, and also bought myself three new pairs of jeans and two pairs of shoes.

On my way to work the other night, on the Loop 202, I noticed the truck was handling a bit funny – and not in the haha sense. As I pulled into the parking lot at work, the tire released all of its pent up pressure!

I have been driving on shitty duel Yuls (get it? Yul Brenner?  Bald? haha!) for three years without incident. Two weeks with new tread and I run over a screw that punctured the new tire but good.

Fortunately I did something I rarely do – I purchased the road hazard replacement guarantee for the tires. The cost was $10 per – or $40 for the set. I don’t buy those warranties because the cost of a tire repair is $15, and unless you are expecting to get four punctured tires in the next few years, you lose and the tire company wins.

For some reason I opted for the warranty rather than a fourth pair of jeans. Today I got a flat tire replaced for free.The warranty was extended to the new tire. Perhaps it is because St Patty’s day is around the corner – shall we call it the luck of the Irish?

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