Tool Box

tool box for truckMy Ford Ranger is an extended cab, sort of four door truck.  But even with the bed, there is not a lot of room to carry tools or extraneous stuff without taking up valuable interior space. The back does have two fold up seats that are unusable by anyone but children or contortionists- but it is good to have the area clear for hauling groceries or the occasional third passenger that does not suffer from claustrophobia.

My employer makes our W-2’s available by January 15, and I took advantage and had my taxes filed by January 16. Anticipating a generous refund (of my own money) if I did all of my math correctly, and armed with a larger than normal paycheck due to travel reimbursements and some rare overtime, I ordered a tool box for the truck.

I first checked out Home Depot – right around the corner and they have a decent selection of tools. But the Husky boxes started at $280.  The Dee Zee box I bought on Amazon was $208, plus tax.  Free shipping – I ordered on Saturday and it arrived Wednesday evening.  Plus, Dee Zee is made in the good ole U S of A – Iowa.  Husky tools used to be Made in America, but are mostly Chinese shit. I don’t know where the truck boxes are made, but I would rather put my money to a business that provides manufacturing jobs and REAL jobs to Americans.

I installed the tool box this afternoon. Best looking part of the truck! Now I have incentive to wash it.

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