Twelve Days

xmas tree 2015 2Twelve days left. The count down begins, and I have yet to do my Christmas shopping!  Well, I did buy one gift.

For the few that know our personal fun this past Summer, you will understand the importance of this weekend.  For those that haven’t a clue, one day I may share the sordid details.  But I knew we were over the hump last week when Liz penned in “Kahlua” on the shopping list.  She wanted to start the weekly grocery shopping early, and we bought cream cheese and lox.  Yes, she can once again eat raw fish.

We had bagels with lox and cream cheese for brunch, and then headed out to buy our tree. Once home from that excursion, she mixed up a shaker of White Russians. And I knew that she was really in the clear when she suggested we head out to the local drinking establishment for Hot Wings.

carl and lizI needed no further inducement, and the tree was decked in record time! We headed first to Captain’s, not my first choice for wings, but we assumed that there would be seating at the bar.  We were incorrect! There was no parking available, and that is a bad omen. We didn’t even attempt to go in – the ‘birds had all flocked and filled the joint. Now I know how Joseph and Mary must have felt.

We then considered our options.  The Dog Run is huge, and certainly would have room at the bar. But their wings are not on the top of my list – they are not bad, but I was craving excellent wings. So we chanced a drive out to Filly’s Roadhouse. Filly’s has the best wings, hands down. Their wings are deep fried in a pressurized cooker – they are cooked all the way through with crispy skin and tender juicy meat.

There was plenty of room in the parking lot, the horses were all hitched out back. Yes, most of the customers ride in  on horseback! Cowboy hats and boots with spurs are the norm. The room was packed, but there was seating at the bar. We had a good view of the band playing old school country music.  Liz had her first beer since July.

The wings were excellent as expected, and Liz asked if I was going to eat the last one on the plate. Usually she insists that I take the last one, but she did not argue when I offered it to her.  Yes, she is back in true form. We have reason to be thankful this holiday season!

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