Two out of three is bad…

Two out of three at Churchill DownsI am not generally a betting man – I work too hard for the little I earn. But sometimes you just have to cut loose – and Saturday being the Kentucky Derby, I laid some money down on Race 11.

A drunk Irishman from Canada taught me how to read the racing forms and how to bet. He had a little more experience with the ponies that I do, but I learned a few rules of thumb.

My Bianchi holsterArizona has a lot of OTB’s; The Mirage is just down the street from our house and a pleasant place to waste an afternoon. A two dollar bet on the longshot to win place or show makes it interesting. For the Derby I selected a trifecta which included the favorite (always include the fave in a trifecta) and one of the other stong runners, and a longshot – but not the lame one that was sleeping in the paddocks… and then box it.  $12 dollars for the potential of a thousand dollar payout – the chances are just a little less slim than winning the lottery!

Smith and Wesson holsterThe thermometer is rising – outside it is in the high 90’s today, inside the thermometer reads 90°. The temps are supposed to drop this week, so we have  put off turning on the AC so far.  I am enjoying the $60 electrical bills too much.

Yesterday, Liz and I attended the Phoenix Gun and Prepper show at the El Zaribah Shriners Temple and Convention Hall. My main purpose, besides window shopping and daydreaming, was to acquire a holster for my Ruger Security Six .357 revolver.

I took my Handgun to the gun show, tucked it into my waistband in the small of my back. I did not even make it into the convention hall floor before someone asked me if the gun was for sale! I could have sold it many times over before the afternoon was through!

I like technology, and I am far from a Luddite. More of an anorak – I find interest in things that the majority finds uninteresting.  I like old things, and would prefer to own a vintage version of anything than the newest and latest. I prefer motorcycles with carburetors to those with fuel injection – although I would never have as my primary transportation a truck without fuel injection.

I like semi-automatic handguns, but for everyday carry prefer the reliability of a wheel gun.  That is revolver for you neophytes. Revolvers don’t jam (easily, without being terribly abused) and I do not foresee a situation where I will need more than six shots without having a chance to reload.

My Ruger Security 6 was manufactured in 1981 or 1982. It was Ruger’s introduction into law enforcement handguns before the downsizing to 9mm as the standard LE round. I have nothing against the 9, it beats throwing rocks at your opponent. But I prefer the sure stopping power of the .357 magnum.

My Uncle Mike’s holster finally bit the dust, and I needed a replacement. I found two holsters for the price of one at the gun show. I have always wanted a Bianchi, and even though this is not the classic tooled leather beautifully crafted Bianchi’s I used to drool over as a kid reading Shooting Times, it is still a Bianchi. It is soft suede leather, designed to hook over the belt and be tucked inside your waistband – perfect for concealed and discreet carry. Now I have the ideal holster for my desert hikes. Sure, the frame of the Ruger is bit heavy for CCW, the gun was intended for heavy use – but the extra weight makes it not punishing to shoot.

The Bianchi holsters cost $25 new, from the website. This one is new without the box, and along with the Smith and Wesson holster, cost me next to nothing! I paid $30 cash for the two holsters – the S&W retails for over $100.  To boot, the S&W has been partially broken in – that should protect the bluing on my gun at least a little!

All in all, yesterday was a relaxing Saturday. I go into work an hour early tonight. I am looking forward to a three-day weekend at the end of the month.


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