Uninvited Visitor

Stray CatWe have a house guest, just sort of self-invited. This Abyssinian kitten follwed Mark Krull in one night during his recent visit. Mark dropped by on his way to visit his sister in San Diego.

Mark took Greyhound from New Jersey – which had to be an adventure.  I took the Greyhound bus from New Jersey to North Carolina, and that was enough for me to say I did it once.  I think hitchhiking would be quicker, and safer…

Anyway, this little beast made herself right at home, facing down the dogs, and even chasing our cat Natasha out for a night. Natasha is no politely ignoring her, and staying in our bedroom.

I have checked the local Craiglist listings for lost cats; Liz has posted pics and notifications on the local Apache Junction free ads facebook page, to no avail. Liz contacted Paws and Claws today to post on their website. If nobody steps forward to claim her, she is up for adoption.

We don’t know if she has been fixed, but she is a very lovable cat. She loves attention, and is litterbox trained.  She has to be someone’s indoor cat that somehow escaped captivity! She has no desire to go outside, so she must have been an indoor cat.  No collar, not even a flea collar.

She does have beautiful, classic Abyssinian markings, with a little tan mixed into the grey and black. She recently took over Natasha’s chair in the living room, and the two barely tolerate each other, so she really does have to find a permanent home. Hopefully the owner will turn up.

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