When the Mountain’s pink, it’s time to drink

Time to DrinkWhen the Mountain’s Pink…
oil on canvas

We have a local saying.When the sun begins to set in the western sky, the Superstition Mountains take on a hue of pink. That just happens to coincide with happy hour, with cocktail hour.

As I have been trying to capture the essence of the mountains, I have been developing a style that works with the mountains. I have slowly been exchanging abstract-expressionism for a more pure form of natural abstraction.

Other than snowflakes, you don’t often find pure geometry in nature. Structured chaos, but never pure symmetry. Pure black doesn’t exist, except in the absence of light.

I love the mountains and the desert. I have plenty of photographs depicting vastness and majesty. I don’t paint photographs. I am impressed and awed by artists that paint true realism. However, make no mistake, they use optical and mechanical devices to create their paintings. Their paintings are parlor tricks that display talent, but no so much creativity.

I am less impressed by those that strive towards realism, but fall short. If I want a realistic image of the landscape, I will snap a picture. When I paint, it is a release of pent up energy, creativity. Anybody can use mechanical devices to recreate an image. Anyone can be trained to “color within the lines”; these rules inhibit, rather than encourage creativity.

When I am paint an impressionistic painting, the intent is to evoke a sense based on recognizable forms and visual cues. I am attempting to tell a story. When delving into abstraction where color and form take precedence, the intent is not to tell a story. The intent is to invoke an emotion, perhaps in this case the desire to crack open a cold beer or a Jack and Coke.

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