Why I intend to keep the domain Wuli.com

Hendricks Gin - a perfect Christmas Gift!Several years ago I was contacted by an entity that claimed they wanted to purchase this domain, wuli.com. They offered a low-ball $1000, and I turned them down.  Shortly after, I received even more offers, each for incrementally more.

The offers increased to a bid if $7,000 which I flatly rejected.  When they pressed me for a price that I would accept, I offered a number based on the price that some friends got when they sold xes.com.

They had a small electronics business,and owned a very desirable three-letter domain. The offer came from an anonymous source, and was low-ball. After months of negotiations and emails back and forth, including many that were vicious in nature, they sold the domain for $32,000; it turned out the buyer was a front for a Xerox.  The inquiries were designed to lead my friend into believing it was a sex site trying to buy the name, hoping to get the domain cheap.

That said, even though the cash would come in handy at the time, I declined. The email became more and more persistent, and shortly after the last email, my email inbox was flooded with a barrage of illegal spam, all of it originating from China.

Yes, these folks are not in the least ethical. So once again, the requests to sell have commenced. I have received three separate inquiries in the last week! I did not respond to the last two – I have no intention of selling.  It was the third request, however, that I am sure is in collusion with the other two, that influenced my recent rant.

This potential buyer began by insulting me, telling me:
seeing you using it for art is really heart breaking!

Insulting me for being an artist is not the proper way to begin negotiations. And then using the same tactics as were used before, trying to strong-arm me only cause me to dig my heels in deeper. Anyway, I was cordial to the person that offered the recent offer, and ignored the other two. I explained that I was not interested in the least in selling the domain.

I then suspected after the two subsequent offers that this person had not been above-board in his initial request, owing to the frequency of the other two requests. Today, this moron confirmed my suspicions. In addition to the fact that his name changed in the various emails, I received this lovely tome in my inbox this morning:


I was wondering if I should really offer you big cash in exchange for wuli.com. But then I discovered, with much surprise, your pitty weepy on your blog.

When I contacted you the first time, I did it with respect both to you and to the name — And sorry that it did not fit with what you have daydreamed of! But now I figure that you probably just do not deserve it.

As for other disappointment that you expressed in your blog, I do not mind to leak that I do have control over some fortune, and which is actually more than you can dream in your wildest dreams. (Why do I know this? Because of the laughable five figure that you mentioned! Five figures! How much?!! And for that you are willing jam your own mouth with all the shit?!!!) Anyhow, now I figured it will be unwise to spend it randomly, and especially, to give it to some idiot like you.

Looking at your new blog, I have actually found a new fun thing to do, which is to watch you poor — literally — thing turn into ashes before you can profit anything from the domain. Well, maybe that is a bit unfair. Because I have actually got to know that there were even barbaric people like you in the world. I think you should really thank the domain wuli.com for that. A lot other innocent Chinese might have been drawn to your silly site simply because of the name. Anyhow,  I will not find it surprising that no one will care to look at you in the real life. What’s more, you will certainly stay poor for the rest of your life. Why? Because after seeing the blog, I bet no Chinese assholes will be willing to tip the Carl B. Johnson idiot.

So, I have no intention to ask you to apologize for being an asshole like you have chosen to be. And in fact, I am sure to have a lot of fun watching you rot, while the name will eventually fall into the hands who know how to cherish it and to keep it away from uncivilized manner.

Wishing you a smooth drive to hell!


Well, here’s to his toast that I have a smooth drive to hell, because I hate the bumpy rides. And here is to the anticipation of another onslaught of illegal spams originating from China – I have a great anti-spam filter – so bring it on!

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