Wild Horses

Some people go to church on Sundays, Liz and I kayak. I think the river and nature brings me closer to god than any wooden pew ever could.

On our weekly kayaking excursion on the Salt River, we always spot the wild horses. One of the larger harems regularly hangs out on Coon Bluff Road hanging out in the shade of the Tamarisk cedars.

Other herds hang out near Phon D Sutton, the next recreation area along the river.

We are currently putting in at Coon Bluff and kayaking down to Granite Reef, the last stop before the Granite Reef dam, which diverts the water to the canal system. This water is used for water users north and south of the river.

The river bed beyond is dry except during periods of heavy rainfall.

The area above the dam and up to Saguaro Lake are the Lower Salt River, and open to non-motorized watercraft year round.

We chose Coon Bluff to start our trips because the recreation area above is the last stop for tubers. The river is quiet and solitary for long stretches. We see red-wing black birds and herons and Harris hawks. Today we saw a roadrunner out of its habitat, drinking from the river.

I have talked to fishermen that have seen river otters cavorting, I have not been so fortunate to see any yet.

As you might ascertain from my recent posts, or rather the infrequency of recent posts is that life is quiet. I work, and kayak. With temperatures well above 100 degrees, we tend to hibernate indoors during the summer months. If it is below 110 degrees, I will sit under my ramada with the ceiling fan on high, the mister cooling me off, with a cold beer. And that is where I am right now, enjoying the evening.



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