Windows 10, and other crap

IMG_20141213_163935I installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago. My laptop came packaged with Windows 8, which I updated to 8.1. I never really cared for Windows 8, and installed apps to create a more Windows 7 environment – basically a functioning Start menu.

Widows 8 always puzzled me – I could not understand why Microsloth would insist on forcing an OS designed for phones and tablets on users of desktops and laptops. The lack of a touch screen hampered usability.

If I had Windows 7, I probably would not have risked the upgrade, free or otherwise. But, the promise of fixes and the new features nudged me int he direction of an upgrade.

I am finally getting used to the concept of “tiles” and appreciate the Windows “store” where apps can be acquired for free or for little cost. Apps are easier to install, and uninstall.

Windows also features Cortana – the search assistant. Sure, Apple has Siri first on its iCrap. But never forget that Windows had malware and virii first!

With Cortana, you can ask questions, verbally, and go to your search results. The downside is that Cortana defaults to Bing!, and I am not too happy with Bing! being that integrated.

Anyway, the upgrade was mostly painless, although I had issues when I had to recall various passwords. The security measures, what with codes being sent to my cellphone and email accounts to verify that it really was I resetting the passwords soon became tedious.

However, once done, I was offered the ability to set my laptop up with a PIN – four numbers that are easily remembered, to log in. Key in four correct digits and bingo.. no need to hit Enter!

There are plenty of other new features, but I don’t use them. I infrequently use Edge, Microsoft’s new browser that has made Internet Destroyer completely obsolete. As soon as there is an easy method to import my Firefox bookmarks, I might migrate to Edge completely, as it is lean and quick. Edge is a total WIN for Microsoft, and might be stiff competition for Firefox and Google’s menace which I refuse to install on my computer.

If you have any iteration of Windows 8, then upgrading to 10 is a no-brainer.  However, if you have Windows 7, and are happy with it, then I see no real reason to make the move – other than to have the latest and greatest, for free.

Why would Windows offer this for free, you ask?  Simple – windows 10 does not ask if you want updates – they are automatically scheduled and forced. Windows 10 also has, by default (they can be disabled) many setting which “share” your personal information to assist in feeding ads that are custom tailored to you.

I have those “features” off.  However, since we have to see ads blasting in our faces every time we surf, I suppose I would rather see ads for Coleman lanterns or affordable parts for my Ford ranger than ads for feminine hygiene. If you have ever purchased anything from, you will likely have noticed that the ads served to you by Facebook will often reference recent Amazon searches.  These ads pay for the “free” apps and free website content we take for granted.  Nobody is creating a social media app or webpage out of the goodness of their heart – they are chasing the American Dream of untold wealth. I can ignore innocuous ads – they certainly are preferable to the annoying neon flashing atrocities of the past.

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