Writer’s Block

captains2Or rather, Painter’s Block…

I have not been in the studio in eight months.  In the beginning of the year, the excuse was getting used to working nights. This summer, it is the fact that the studio is 110ºF.

The truth is, I have no creative drive – possibly due to a combination of the above.  However, I don’t even have that much of a creative drive to write.

Perhaps with cooler weather, and some paid days off in my future, I will tap into some reserve.

Captain’s is a little dive bar that Liz, Mike and I hit for a few cold beers after auction night.  It looks like it might be possible inspiration for a new American Bar Series painting. Captain’s is “My Kinda Place”… you know – that ubiquitous bar song from last decade that made you want to throw the cue ball into the jukebox with excessive force.

Captain’s has wannabe cowboys, bikers, dikes and fairies, rednecks and just about any other cross-section of society you want to name.  This past Saturday tami kicked my ass at five games of pool. She handles a stick very well for a lesbian.  The two games I won, she scratched the cue ball on the eight. Hey, at this stage in my life, I will take any win I can get!

Captain’s has a great jukebox, and for the most part, the clientele select decent music. Fortunately the idiot that plays albums worth of GWAR apparently doesn’t go out the same nights as we do…

The bathrooms at Captain’s are ful of eyecandy – the men’s room is plastered with soft-core porn. The lady’s room, according to Liz and Tami, is covered with beefcake pics of men in cowboy hats or fireman hats (and little else…)

They waste little money in decor, the bar is decorated in Dixie Solo cups turned into lights. But the beer flows freely and cheap. Even top shelf drinks are affordable.  The bartender, Jessica, a cute blonde has a trash mouth and every sentence is filled with innuendo – when Mike ordered a fish sandwich, she put her hands on her hips and said sternly, “Oh, Really?!!”

The menu is limited, and fried. But it is one of the few places that Liz can get her chicken gizzards, and Tami can get her cheese curds.  If you are on a healthfood kick, you had better look for another establishment. But for me, it’s my kind of place.


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