Year in Review

red ryder2015 has been an eventful year. This spring I saw my personal finances make the turn from disastrous to “I can now afford to live paycheck to paycheck”! I was finally able to afford to put for new tires on the truck. I had four different tires, and I use that term rather loosely – they were tires in that they were round and had once had a tread. Each tire was a different size.

I friend gave us a 14-foot 1953 Field and Stream trailer on the condition that we remove it from her property. To say this is a fixer-upper is putting it mildly. Packrats had decimated the interior. I gutted most of the interior and removed the wiring. My project for 2016 is to begin restoration.

We finally made the investment in the building materials for a much-needed shed. Mike and I put it together one weekend, in between many beers. The completed shed provided the needed storage space, and I cleared out the studio of extraneous junk. This removed my last excuse for not spending more time in the studio, and come 2016 I hope to become productive once again.

turquoise ring by Henry T Morris

Liz fought her own personal battle this summer.  She will talk about it when she is ready. Needless to say, we both were rather preoccupied this summer as our daily routines were disrupted, and virtually every aspect of our lives were affected.

In October my divorce was finalized; that was a long time coming, and one chapter in my life is officially closed. Christmas was quiet, and New Year’s Eve is expected to be a lite affair. Liz really surprised me with a truly unexpected gift – a turquoise and sterling silver ring by local Navajo silversmith Henry Morris. Henry passed earlier this year and already his work is no longer affordable, at least not to those of us with modest means.

She also picked up a vintage Red Ryder. We usually don’t spend a lot at Christmas, opting for smaller and more meaningful gifts.

I expect that 2016 will see two of us spending more time in the studio, and hopefully more time hiking the desert and mountains.

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