You’ll shoot your eyes out

Today was a beautiful day to go out shooting. Liz and I went to our shooting spot in the mountains so that she could break in her Glock G26 Gen 4 that I bought her for Christmas. I took my Springfield XDs in .45 caliber.

We are still working on her stance. Today I concentrated on helping her with her grip and site picture. She is a natural – all of her shots his the paper.

My XDs shot much easier than I expected for a single stack super lightweight .45. My only experience with a .45 was my dad’s Colt 1911 A1. I suffered slide bite by holding to high on the grips the first time I shot.

Anyway, at 25 years, more or less, Liz got all shots on the paper. Her groups were around 6 inches. That is with no bench rest, with her version of a Weaver stance. That is what you need from a personal defense weapon. I managed to group around 4 – 5 inches, around 2 inches low and 2 to the right. Not too shabby, I think.

In a couple weeks we will go camping and get a little more practice in.

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